Rouge Kitchen

Welcome to Rouge Kitchen!

Welcome to Rouge Kitchen! We are a scratch kitchen serving good, homemade food for the Port Union area of Scarborough.

Enjoy our New Summer Sandwich!

Celebrating Jamaica’s 61st Independence Day


Jerk Chicken Sandwich

comes with jerk marinated thighs on coco bread with a sweet and crunchy mango/cabbage slaw and curry mayo ,

ENJOY with the side of Jamaican Slushies comes with choice of two flavours ;

  Strawberry or Kola champagne 



A little about Rouge Kitchen cooking

  • We use tree nuts but no peanuts
  • We are a scratch kitchen and make as much as we can from whole foods, with minimal processing and sugar.
  • Almost every item can be gluten-free or Keto.
  • We use Halal meats (chicken and ground beef) in most of our recipes, however some items may be altered that they are no longer Halal, please check before hand to make sure.



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